The Power of Endowment is Within your Reach

What if you could make a difference in your community — not only today, not just for your lifetime, but forever?  The St. Albert Community Foundation can help you create your legacy for generations to come through an Endowment Fund.

ENDOWMENT FUNDS create a permanent legacy of community support for generations. An endowment fund is invested and annually generates funds that you can use to support causes and community service organizations in your community.

Endowment funds are often misunderstood as options only for those with millions of dollars to give. In reality a named endowment fund can be established with a $10,000 contribution or through our Emerging Fund program, where you can take up to 10 years to reach that threshold. That’s as little as $84 a month!

The power of endowment is within your reach.  For more information on how you can get started, please contact: or call 780-458-8351