SACF welcomes new Board Member Aaron Friedenthal

The St. Albert Community Foundation is pleased to welcome our newest board member Aaron Friedenthal.  Aaron was elected to the board at the July 26th Annual General Meeting.  Aaron brings to the organization a wealth of experience.

Aaron is a lawyer at ATB Financial leading the Legal Services and Corporate Governance teams. He provides governance support to the ATB Board of Directors and is Corporate Secretary for ATB’s wealth management and investment banking Subsidiaries. Aaron is also the Chair of the Edmonton Chapter of the Governance Professionals of Canada and a regular speaker on corporate governance topics. 

Aaron is also a member of the board of directors of the Cantilon Choral Music Society and a trustee committee member for ATB’s Retirement Committee, which oversees ATB’s pension plans and funds. 

Aaron’s family has been a part of the St. Albert community since 1973. He is married to Heather, a teacher in St. Albert and has two kids who have grown up in the St. Albert Public School system. You might see Aaron walking in the river valley on the weekends or golfing in and around the area. 

Aaron is looking forward to serving the St. Albert community again through the work of the Foundation after previously being a member of the Canadian Progress Club.