St. Albert Community Foundation Funding Criteria and Funding Policy


St. Albert Community Foundation focuses on quality of life programs and services of proven need or benefit to the community. The Foundation has some flexibility to look beyond established areas of granting and is open to innovative ideas so long as such funding approaches are consistent with regulatory requirements.

Priority funding programs for the Foundation are:

  • Youth
  • Social
  • Seniors
  • Arts and Culture
  • Recreation

Funding Regulations

Charities and non-profit organizations must:

  • Be in existence for more than one (1) year
  • Be a registered charity

Funding Timing

The Board decides on funding requests annually at its November meeting.

Policy Review

This policy is to be reviewed every three years.

Year by Year

Greater St Albert Catholic Regional Division (Humboldt Scholarships)$1,500.00
Greater St Albert Catholic Regional Division (Humboldt Scholarships)$6,000.00
St Albert Public Schools – Humboldt Scholarships (Paul Kane)$6,000.00
St Albert Public Schools – Humboldt Scholarships (Bellerose)$1,500.00
St Albert Public Schools (Stanley Dennis Scholarship)$1,250.00
City of St Albert (St Albert Place Visual Arts Council)$217.00
City of St Albert – St Albert Public Library$2,094.00
City of St Albert – St Albert Public Library$658.00
Canadian Parents for French$691.00
St Albert Rotary Music Festival Scholarship$ 1,017.00
Kaleo Collective$1,005.00
Friends of St Albert Housing Society$3,000.00
Second Chance Animal Rescue Society$1,808.00
Young Life of Canada$2,000.00
Mental Health Foundation$2,000.00
St Albert  United Church (Community Refugee Committee)$5,000.00
St Albert Public Schools (Bellerose Composite Student Programs)$2,333.00
KDM Helping Hands Breakfast Program$5,000.00
STAR Literacy$3,350.00
The Mustard Seed$3,000.00
Stop Abuse in Families$10,000.00
Kids Sport St. Albert$3,997.00
St. Albert Sturgeon Hospice Association$5,000.00
Autism Edmonton$3,630.00
ElderDog Canada$1,000.00
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation$10,000.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$9,960.00
St Albert Rotary Music Festival$1,750.00
Arts and Heritage Foundation$1,000.00
Dreams Take Flight Association$2,500.00
Friends of St Albert Housing Society$3,000.00
St. Albert Family Resource Centre$1,000.00
St. Albert Public Schools (Paul Kane Scholarships)$1,000.00
Don Wheaton Family YMCA$475.00
Canadian Parents for French$669.00
City of St Albert – St Albert Public Library (Harder)$5,307.00
City of St Albert – St Albert Public Library (Future)$1,082.00
Edmonton After School Care Association$1,913.00
Young Life of Canada$2,022.00
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation$11,000.00
Mental Health Foundation$2,000.00
St Albert Rotary Music Festival Heitzman Scholarship$ 1,022.00
T8N Crisis Fund$2,106.00
The Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation$6,132.00
KDM Helping Hands$3,000.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$8,000.00
Kaleo Collective$4,000.00
Friends of St Albert Housing Society$3,000.00
St. Albert Stop Abuse in Families$8,302.00
Arts and Heritage Foundation$2,145.00
Camp Warwa$5,000.00
Community Refugee Committee of St Albert$3,000.00
St. Albert Sturgeon Hospice Association$2,500.00
STAR Literacy$3,000.00
Lo-Se-Ca Foundation$3,000.00
Poundmaker’s Lodge Treatment Centres, Sturgeon County$3,500.00
St. Albert Rotary Music Festival Foundations$10,000.00
Wilderness Youth Challenge Program$2,000.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$8,000.00
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation$7,892.00
St. Albert Sturgeon Hospice Association$6,000.00
Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation$5,490.00
St. Albert Family Resource Centre$5,197.00
KDM Helping Hands$3,500.00
Stop Abuse in Families Society$3,500.00
STAR Literacy$3,000.00
Transition Rehabilitation Associations$2,600.00
Sidekicks Mentoring Program$2,000.00
Dreams Take Flight$2,000.00
Autism Society of Edmonton Area$1,500.00
St. Albert Bereavement Fellowship$1,500.00
KidSport St. Albert$1,500.00
St. Albert Community Village & Food Bank$1,500.00
St. Albert Public Schools (Stanley Dennis)$1,000.00
St. Albert Rotary Music Festival Association$1,000.00
St. Albert Seniors Association$500.00
Big Lake Environment Support Society$500.00
Bissell Centre$2,500.00
KDM Helping Hands$2,500.00
Tetra Society of Alberta$2,000.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital$10,000.00
Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation$10,086.00
St. Albert Family Resource Centre$2,174.00
Suicide Survivor Group$4,420.00
St. Albert Bereavement Fellowship$2,000.00
St. Albert Community CIVC$3,000.00
Autism Society of Edmonton Area$2,500.00
Kidsport St. Albert$500.00
Royal Alexander Hospital$7,000.00
Stanley Dennis Scholarship$1,461.00
St. Albert Public Library$555.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$10,000.00
KidSport St. Albert$3,145.00
St. Albert Community & Information Centre$1,000.00
Kids Help Phone$2,500.00
Bissell Centre$1,000.00
St. Albert Family Resource Center$4,000.00
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation$6,000.00
Society of St. Vincent de Paul$2,000.00
River’s Edge Counselling Centre$1,600.00
St. Albert Stop Abuse in Families$3,900.00
Plugged In Community Centre Organization$1,200.00
STAR Literacy St. Albert$3,000.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$11,000.00
St. Albert Stop Abuse in Families$6,500.00
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation$5,000.00
STAR Literacy$3,000.00
St. Albert Seniors$3,000.00
Boys and Girls Club$2,500.00
KidSport St. Albert$2,500.00
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society AB$1,500.00
Bissell Centre$1,000.00
St. Albert Public Schools$1,000.00
St. Albert Community Volunteer Centre$400.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$7,500.00
St. Albert Stop Abuse in Families$4,658.00
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation$7,558.00
STAR Literacy$2,000.00
Bissell Centre$1,000.00
St. Albert Public Schools$1,000.00
St. Albert Hospice Association$6,000.00
St. Albert 50+ Club$3,000.00
Sturgeon Foundation$2,000.00
St. Alberts Arts & Heritage Foundation$1,750.00
St. Albert Food Bank$1,000.00
Royal Alexander Hospital$5200.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$8729.00
St. Albert Stop Abuse In Families$2,000.00
STAR Literacy$1,500.00
Big Lake Environmental Support Society$2,000.00
Soaring Youth Leadership Program$2,000.00
St. Albert Community & Volunteer Centre$2,000.00
Young Life of Canada$1,260.00
Moon Light Family Camp$2,000.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$6,136.00
Royal Alexandra Hospital$4,700.00
St. Albert Food Bank$4,610.00
St. Albert Resource Centre$2,000.00
West Sturgeon People Aging in Place Foundation$2,000.00
Stop Abuse in Families$1,000.00
St. Albert Housing Society$1,000.00
Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation$10,000.00
Stop Abuse in Families$1,926.00
Alberta Association for Community Living$3,000.00
Habitat for Humanity$2,000.00
Roots of Empathy$1,000.00
Canadian Medical Teams Abroad$500.00