You & Your Client

During a lifetime, people accumulate wealth to ensure their families are taken care of after they are gone, to ensure the ability to enjoy a financially trouble free retirement, or maybe to ensure their health needs will be taken care of should they become dependent on another in their old age.

As life goes on, many people realize that they do not require all of their accumulated wealth to meet these goals and they look to leave a lasting legacy that will make a difference in the community.

Many consider the St. Albert Community Foundation a charity for charities – it is a one stop shopping experience for charitable endowment in St. Albert. Your client can work with one organization for the benefit of one, two or several charities that they feel strongly about.

Community Impact and Leadership

For most donors, their number one desire around giving is to “make a difference” – now and into the future. The Foundation can help donors find the perfect fit for their individual vision for the community and the needs within that community. We believe that by strengthening the capacity of community organizations, we strengthen our community as a whole. The Foundation works with other organizations, funding agencies, citizens and government to identify and address community issues.


The degree of participation by the donor and his/her family is flexible. In some cases, donors predetermine which charity(ies) will receive the annual distributions from the fun. Some donors prefer to provide advice on an annual basis, others simply provide guidance around their area of particular interest and still others leave granting decisions up to the Foundation, providing the Foundation with the flexibility to meet emerging needs in our community, now and forever.

Flexible Gift Options

Donors may choose from a variety of gifting options. The St. Albert Community Foundation will work with you in exploring options for your clients to make charitable gifts that will meet their personal, financial and philanthropic objectives.


Donors are able to create their own philanthropic fund; simplify giving, record keeping and tax return preparation; time their giving to match cash flow and maximize tax benefits; and avoid the complexities of a private foundation.


A named endowment fund becomes a permanent legacy that will be celebrated for generations. Fund holders are recognized in the St. Albert Community Foundation’s Annual Report. Additional recognition may be provided as significant grants are made from the Fund.

Responsible Stewardship

The St. Albert Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of community leaders from St. Albert and area and is managed by an Executive Director.

The Foundation’s assets are invested with the Edmonton Community Foundation and managed by professional money managers. By pooling Funds for investment and administrative purposes, the St. Albert Community Foundation can minimize costs and maximize returns.

Annually, in keeping with Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines, the St. Albert Community Foundation, distributes four (4) percent of the capital of our funds.

Fund holders receive annual reports on their fund’s performance as well as follow-up reports on grant recipients and the use of grant funds.