St. Albert is a truly magnificent community. From our early roots as one of Alberta’s earliest settlements, we’ve grown into a thriving and active community…a place people are proud to call home.

We’re a community with many traditions. But one tradition that ties us together is a tradition of giving…giving back to the community and giving to those who need our help.

Founded in 1997 the St. Albert Community Foundation reflects that tradition of giving.

Thanks to the generosity and contributions of St. Albert citizens, we are building a permanent legacy for generations to come!

The Foundation provides an opportunity for citizens to contribute to and invest in the long-term fulfillment of community needs. Funds from the Foundation will be used to support worthwhile community projects organized by charitable organizations within the St. Albert area.

The St. Albert Community Foundation is a proud member of Community Foundations of Canada with over 150 Community Foundations across Canada and growing.