This fund is a donor advised family fund established by Kent and Cari Davidson, long time supporters of the St. Albert Community Foundation

The Fischer Family Fund is a donor advised fund established by Brian and Rosanna Fischer, supporters of the St. Albert Community Foundation. Recipients are selected from community applications or identified by the Fischer Family.

The Jamison Family Fund is a donor advised fund. Recipients are selected from community applications or identified by the Jamison Family.

In support of worthy communities causes and initiatives supported by local charities.

This family fund has been established as a donor advised fund by long time local residents, Neil and Kristi Rouse, as a donor advised fund.

The Save Our Space Camp Legacy Fund was created as a legacy to an incredible fundraising effort put forth by a group of determined parents and students. Since early 2013, four St. Albert Elementary Schools ( Muriel Martin Elementary, Leo Nickerson Elementary, Ronald Harvey Elementary and Keenooyshayo Elementary ) had set forth to plan a trip of a lifetime for grade 5 and 6 students.

Annual proceeds supporting children and youth in the St. Albert Community.

The Community Fund provides the Foundation with the flexibility to decide where the earnings can be used most effectively each year to meet the community’s needs as they change from generation to generation.

By contributing to a general community fund, the Foundation will build a solid endowment to support funding needs in the community, today and virtually forever.

The St. Albert Help Society was an initiative of conscientious group of St. Albert citizens committed to ensuring that those of advanced age and failing health could stay at their own homes as long as possible. The group funded projects which would enable respite care and care-giver relief as well as other aids to the infirm. The St. Albert Community Foundation is honoured to have been provided an endowment by the Society to continue to pursue these noble objectives.

This fund provides scholarships in memory of Jaxon Joseph, Conner Lukan, Logan Hunter and Stephen Wack.  For scholarship criteria Click here.

To secure the future viability and vitality of the Library by supporting major programs and projects, including new library facilities

For services and programs related to youth at risk.

Foundation which saw Kaitlyn and Kelly Hrudey present on the challenges of youth mental health society This fund was launched with the assistance of proceeds of an event hosted by the St. Albert in our Community.

This fund was established by the Dennis Family in honour Stanley Dennis and is a donor-directed fund in support of Youth Initiatives. The fund provides an annual scholarships to graduating students at Paul Kane High School.

The Thatcher Fund is a donor designated fund with funds allocated annually to charities which have among their objects the providing support to the neonate including research & education.