The idea of creating a community foundation in St. Albert began a number of years ago with a core group of individuals interested in supporting the long-term service of needs in our community. While Edmonton already had a very strong community foundation, “we wanted to find a way that people living in St. Albert could contribute directly to the future of the community in which they lived and where they raised their families – for generations to come”, says Kent Davidson, President.

The St. Albert Community Foundation gratefully acknowledges the contributions of its past Board of Directors as well as Patty Walker and Paul Chalifoux, past Executive Directors of the Foundation.

We’re a community with many traditions. But one tradition that ties us together is a tradition of giving…giving back to the community and giving to those who need our help.

The St. Albert Community Foundation reflects that tradition of giving.

Thanks to the generosity and contributions of St. Albert citizens, we’re building a permanent legacy for generations to come!