Philanthropy is a marvelous quality that we all have within us. It’s a generosity of spirit, a desire to help, and a firm belief that you can make a real difference in your community regardless of how much or how little you have to give.

What if you could make a difference in your community — not only today, not just for your lifetime, but forever? The St. Albert Community Foundation (SACF) helps donors create that kind of vibrant, ongoing support.

WE DO THIS BY ESTABLISHING ENDOWMENT FUNDS, which create a permanent legacy felt over generations. An endowment fund with SACF invests gifts through independent investment managers. Each year, a percentage of the fund is granted to the causes and organizations that mean the most to you. There are many ways you can make a difference to the causes you cherish. Imagine how this might look, and share your vision with us. As long as there is a Canadian registered charity that is doing the work you support, we can help.

Some examples include: Assisting people living in difficult circumstances such as poverty, homelessness, and hunger; Ensuring arts, culture, and imagination continue to find expression; Building individual power through teaching and learning; Encouraging wellness and Mental Health and supporting research and treatment and prevention of illnesses; Providing resources and support to keep people active;

Supporting positive outcomes for children and families; Investing in enterprises with a social aim.

Who Can Give?

Endowment funds are often misunderstood as options only for those with millions of dollars to give. This is a misconception that SACF is proud to debunk. In reality, In reality, a named endowment fund can be established with $10,000 — and you can take up to 10 years to reach that threshold. That’s as

little as $85/month! Start an Emerging Fund today for as little as $1000 per year for 10 years and watch it grow and make positive impacts in YOUR community The power of endowment is within your reach

Why Give?

The reasons for giving are as diverse as the charities our donors choose to support. Some people create endowments as a memorial for a loved one. Others open endowments as a way to leave a legacy of their own. Companies establish funds to exemplify their commitment to social responsibility and as a way to involve their employees in community building. Charities create funds as a way to build a solid foundation of financial support in the face of uncertain granting cycles. Whatever your reason, we have the resources to help you

The St. Albert and Area Community Foundation can help you fulfill your philanthropic dream – big or small – right here at home.

Contact one of our Board Members or call the office today, and let’s get started!