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The St. Albert Community Foundation

Our Community

We're a community with many traditions. But one tradition that ties us together is a tradition of back to the community and giving to those who need our help.

The St. Albert Community Foundation reflects that tradition of giving.

Welcome to The St. Albert Community Foundation

The St. Albert Community Foundation is an organization created and managed by a group of St. Albert residents who believe in charity, philanthropy, and the importance of community.

Over the years, a number of leading citizens in St. Albert and surrounding communities have bestowed endowments on the Foundation with a view to having their funds earn income to support local charitable organizations. A portion of the earnings of these funds is reinvested, giving all managed endowments a perpetual character, and enabling the income from the initial gifts to continue benefitting the community in perpetuity.

Community Foundations across the country have grown dramatically over the years becoming the fastest growing and most significant philanthropic movement of our day.

St. Albert residents know full well the gift of community which St. Albert has bestowed upon them. Over the last 150 years, the City has enriched the professional and personal lives of hundreds of thousands of citizens. The St. Albert Community Foundation provides a flexible vehicle through which grateful citizens may repay the community and its future generations.

We hope that you will join us in this great philanthropic enterprise by starting your own family endowment fund or considering us as part of your long term planning for charitable giving. With your help, we can continue to assist local charities in ensuring a healthy community "for generations to come."

The St. Albert Community Foundation is a proud member of Community Foundations of Canada with over 150 Community Foundations across Canada and growing.