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Save Our Space Camp Legacy Fund

The Save Our Space Camp Legacy Fund was created as a legacy to an incredible fundraising effort put forth by a group of determined parents and students. Since early 2013, four St. Albert Elementary Schools ( Muriel Martin Elementary, Leo Nickerson Elementary, Ronald Harvey Elementary and Keenooyshayo Elementary ) had set forth to plan a trip of a lifetime for grade 5 and 6 students.

The initial trip was for 101 students and chaperones to embark on a weeklong trip of learning to Laval, Quebec City, Ottawa, and Montreal. The highlight was a NASA approved Space Camp in Laval. In the spring of 2014, just a four weeks prior to the departure, the schools, parents and students were notified that the tour company responsible for organizing the trip had gone out of business taking the nearly $250,000 that had been paid to them by the parents. The story hit local, national and international media touching the hearts of thousands.

A small group of parents initiated a "Save our Space Camp" campaign to try to save the once in a lifetime trip for the students. Through goodwill from various vendors $133,000.00 was needed to get these kids back on the trip - a seemingly impossible task. With incredible support from the Community of St. Albert, and a lot of hard work from the students & parents, Save our Space Camp was able to raise nearly $160,000.00 in 3 short weeks.. The excess funds are being used to create a Save our Space Camp Legacy fund with annual proceeds supporting children and youth in the St. Albert Community.